Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Robert and Jean Brooks

Phoenix AZ

September 2013

My semi-annual trip to Arizona just ended and it was a great time with my parents.  We did a lot of family history and I exported 4 gedcoms.  The Brooks gedcom has over 1500 names and the Hammon/Slater/Belnap gedcoms have 3000+.  Silly me - I had originally thought about doing this all by hand.

I also spent time with my mother going through 600 photos that my amazing cousin, Jimmie Lee Guinn, scanned from her mother's unsorted stash.  I will get around to posting some of them soon.  There were many I had never seen and my mother's ability to go through and recognize people was fantastic.  She may not know remember who is coming when but she knows all of her father's siblings on sight!

My other big job is preparing my mom and dad's annual Christmas card.  Here's some pictures we took for that:

We celebrated my brother's birthday and our anniversary in the private Sagewood Dining Room.

Guess who Robert and I look like most!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Growing Family!

We are overjoyed to be expecting our first grandchild.  This weekend Jessi and I hosted a shower for Dani.  It was an occasion for family to gather.  The theme was "your favorite storybook" and Dani's baby will now have an amazing library of books to choose from.  Three months to go before we can start reading them!

A perfect ballerina dress!

Jessi, Christine Guymon and Dani

Sometimes family doesn't come by birth.  Mary Jane Guymon and I have known each other for almost 30 years.  She is the sister I never had and it's always a treat to get together.